This is The Dwelling Place – Video of Dharma Talk

Rev. Master Oriana takes to the sky this morning, flying back to Eugene Buddhist Priory after a five month stay at Throssel. Fly safely good friend in the Dharma.

Rev. Oriana trained at Throssel from 1998 until 2013 when she was appointed chief priest of the Eugene Priory in Oregon, USA. She gave this talk during her five-month visit to Throssel, following the Festival of Maitreya Bodhisattva in early February. It emphasizes the point that although we know Maitreya as the Buddha Yet to Come, we can only see him now, today, and that we all have the potential to be Maitreya Taken from the Throssel website.

Here is the dedication spoken by the celebrant, Rev. Oriana, at the start of the Maitreya Ceremony.

“Above the heavens there is no Maitreya, below the Earth there is no Maitreya, but seeing his face is superior to hearing his name.If you meet him in person, you cannot be deceived.” (quoting Great Master Dogen)

We dedicate this ceremony to Maitreya, the Buddha yet to come. As Maitreya becomes Buddha, gaining a wisdom that knows the cause of suffering and the end of suffering, a wisdom that moves from duality to emptiness, may we, too, gain the same wisdom and see the Pure Land.

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4 thoughts on “This is The Dwelling Place – Video of Dharma Talk”

  1. Sitting in meditation this morning Rev. Master Oriana crossed the sky & I remembered that she was flying back to Eugene Buddhist Priory today. I too wish her a safe flight; it was lovely working briefly with her in the kitchen and listening to this Dharma talk. Thank you
    In gassho

  2. It was so good to hear Rev Master Oriana again. We have missed you and welcome back to Oregon Reverend. Just lay aside picking and choosing comes to mind here which so goes with other articles written in Eugene Priory newsletters and blog by Rev. Master Oriana on gratitude and letting go of complaining which have helped me so much over time.
    With bows and gratitude,

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