This Too Will Change

It is not that often we are forced to face our collective mortality. These past weeks have been testing for most of us on many levels locally, nationally and internationally. Anyone else talking about the weather? I have taken to routinely adding a weather report to the end of emails. I know of no other way than to ‘sit this out’. One thing is certain, ‘This too will change’.

Living high up on the Northumbrian moors there is little danger of flooding but the standing water on the roads is lake-like! My thoughts are with those whose homes and business have been flooded repeatedly and for those who await the order to evacuate.

For anybody who is warm and indoors here is this weeks nature video from the US magazine program. Sunday Morning.

Letchworth State Park south of Rochester, New York.

May the merit of our days of meditation and training be offered to all beings and the Great Earth.

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