Time and mental space to Reflect

It is just two weeks since Rev. Saido’s Funeral and reception and a month since he died. Goodness! Is that possible? I’m still incredulous at this swift turn of events that has me propelled into a set of circumstances nobody could have anticipated or predicted. Least of  all me.

People ask, ‘how are you doing’? People, well meaning people, advise ‘look after yourself’. ‘Doing fine and yes, I’m looking after myself’ is my response. In more words than that.

Now seated in the cafe at Tebay Services, north bound, with chips and coffee. Reflecting…. While my ‘world’ has changed vastly, in circumstance and appearance and my mind is occupied with different concerns, what has changed? Fundamentally?

So this is a question for everybody what ever your life of flux has brought to you. Right now. There isn’t a cut and dried answer, there IS an answer on a fundamental level. That’s to say everything and nothing has changed!

Being action/activity based as we humans are such an answer doesn’t help in the practical realm. For me, right now my next step is to continue driving to Throssel with a car loaded with Rev. Saido’s vestments and other items. Food surplus to my current needs, oh and more that I can’t list now….

So the answer ends up a question ‘what is the next most important thing to do? While tempering that with stopping to reflect. And given the opportunity, to sit comfortably for awhile. We could term that as meditation. It is a not doing, deciding deliberately.

Onwards to the M6 Motorway.

This is for all those known and unknown who are living with difficult mental health issues. I met one such person this very day. Blessings….

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8 thoughts on “Time and mental space to Reflect”

  1. Hello Rev Mugo, thinking of you as you make the long drive north. Goodness those chips look good! As you say, it is good to be task oriented and then to reflect. The swing between the two helps us to process and then to rest in a healthy way. I am a bereavement counsellor, so I write this here from experience and love and also as one who has done the executors role for my father, every task done with love as you are doing now for our lovely Rev Saido. Have a safe journey and we hope to see you soon. Love SJ x

  2. Your post was timely for me. I am facing a very difficult place in my life and spiraling somewhat. That very question – what to do …
    So I am sitting, going through media while drinking my breakfast smoothie now … tried writing in my journal for a while but that landed me back into my head too much.
    So yes, Everything has changed but it’s all still the same as it was, except for the fact that awareness has been brought to me. And I’m finding it very difficult to accept.
    So this post helped Reverend Mugo because it gives me somewhat of a procedure.
    And a bit of perspective that all over the world things are changing and remaining … for all of us and for all creatures.

  3. Hi,
    Saddened to hear of your news, we often forget passing is part of the cycle.

    The next important thing?

    Think I am still on the first. After going through my owns adventures in this life I found myself trying to lessen the burden put on others.
    My union duties see a whole ark of emotions, hopes and thoughts.
    I administered first aid on a neighbour a week last Thursday. Fortunately, we rarely come across folk with quite horrific injuries. In this instance, I was hit by how vulnerable we can be both in mind and body when either is going through trauma. I had never seen so much blood.
    Fortunately, the injuries were not fatal however I guess they will change thoughts. Mine too.

    I decided that while I have time, I will decorate it well and continue to preserve health and sanity.

    Hope your journey ended well on the M6



  4. Dear Reverend Mugo, I am so glad you are zooming around (hah!) doing things for Houn Saido and Telford. And yes I hope you are not worn out or too sad.
    I am sometimes both, the space he left in my little world very great.
    Those chips look good though.
    I have chips every day.
    In gassho with love.

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