New Creatures – It must Be Spring

After an all too brief trip to The North (Throssel) I’m heading back to Telford where I will continue to deal with Rev. Saido’s business and belongings. As well as help keep the Priory active and moving along.
As I keep on saying to myself, ‘one step at a time’, and ‘things will unfold’. There is no predicting the future, though one can have LOTS of ideas about it!


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3 thoughts on “New Creatures – It must Be Spring”

  1. 2 POINTS.

    *The present was the future of the past. What’s in 3 words? Space.

    * There is only the present moment. Only?!!

  2. Wishing you well , health, strength and probably a sense of humour with this difficult task. I know it will be done with much respect and love, thoughts are with you and the Telford Sangha. 🙏

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