Time Structuring – Time for Rest and Renewal

The clouds have been amazing these past few days. Yesterday I ventured out for a longer walk than is usual for me on Renewal Days. Arriving at the top of the ridge opposite the monastery the Skylarks were singing their hearts out. Their song is not so clear on this short video clip unfortunately but thought to share this with you. To share in the delight I felt at being on the moors once again.

As most of you are aware the monastic schedule allows for rest/renewal time within each week. Monday sees us formally sitting at 7.15 with a Brunch at 9.45, Snack at 1.30 and Medicine Meal at the usual time of 6.00. Each of us may choose to sit informally in the evening or read or rest. There is ample time in the day to catch up on necessary personal projects such as; robe mending, ironing, laundering vestments or simply taking a longer walk, etc. As I did yesterday. Thursday afternoons are set aside similarly for rest/renewal activities.

During these days of ‘lock-down’, I’d imagine one day wafts or drags into the next with nothing much to mark the days of the week. I know some people are using the video of Short Morning Service to mark the start of their day of practice. Others who may not follow or practice Buddhism may have established a meaningful routine of their own. Pacing one’s day and weeks can be a real saving grace and helps many a person to keep out of anxious states and falling into depressions. At the moment I’d not underestimate how easy it can be to succumb. Personally I am so grateful for the monastic schedule but each reader will find their own, meaningful way to structure your time.

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4 thoughts on “Time Structuring – Time for Rest and Renewal”

  1. Thank you for talking about having a routine 😃. I am trying to have a routine but leaving room for changes as needed with family needs. I am letting my body tell me what I need for sleep and exercise and it is very interesting as I need to pay attention. Am throughly enjoying reading which is easy to spend hours doing at this time. All is well 🙋‍♀️🙏.

    1. Good to hear from you Mo. Thanks for leaving this comment. We have an unrelenting routine here in the monastery. Just sometimes, like on a renewal day, having nothing fixed in time, except meals, is very much welcomed. We all need a change of pace in our week. Reading is good, except I tend to fall asleep so easily when I have my eyes on type. The screen is fine though. Love to everybody around where you are.

  2. Happy to have stumbled back across your blog, Mugo. I think it is some five years now since I last witnessed a morning service at Throssel, so it was a pleasure to watch it again, naturally with a different set of eyes. I watched it twice. Very nourishing :) thanks.

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