Walking, Talking, Lockdown Wisdom

I do love these audio recordings by Julius Welby, they are delightfully and kinda quirky. He is a practitioner in this tradition and offers reflections on life, life ‘right now’ while walking in a nature reserve close to his home, birds are doing their thing in the background, while he talks away conversational style. It is engaging not so much for the content, although that’s interesting, more for the spontaneous expression and kind friendlessness – rather like taking a walk with a friend. Remotely.

There is creativity in the audio with multiple overlapping recordings telling of a mind, our minds and how they run on multiple channels, all at once. And then all goes still, he sits on a bench and in my mind’s eye I’m looking out over the lake with him. Nothing earth-shattering just simple, yet profound pondering pointing towards humility. In there too I feel there is, ‘I could be wrong, take it or leave it’.

Well, that’s a longer review than I’d intended!

Scrolling down the page of this microblogs there are photographs too.

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