Topsy-Turvy Views

“We live in the world and we live in the sky,
Just as the Lotus is not wetted by the water that surrounds it,
Pure and beyond the world
is the Mind of the trainee, oh holy Buddha we take Refuge in Thee”

I’ve replaced the as if with, and in the first line of this blessing verse which is sometimes used at the end of ceremonies. Such verses are a statement of spiritual certainty. This one points to the non-dual nature of existence and our functioning within it. The sky, symbolic of that which is without bound, is not separate from the world of work and activity.

What is the cause of topsy-turvy views?

Pictures taken in and around Edmonton Alberta, known as Wide Sky Country. All in all I’d call it Wide Heart Country.

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2 thoughts on “Topsy-Turvy Views”

  1. Tomorrow, Friday, I’ll be up in the blue sky flying down to San Francisco. The following day I catching a train and then a bus up to Shasta Abbey in Northern California, where I’ll be staying for a short while.

    Postings may be sparse for awhile.

  2. Thank-you for this post (and all the others) Rev Mugo. It was wonderful to see you again. Like spring.

    Very best,

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