Trail Companions

It’s not every day I get pebbles in the mail. This will probably be last package of substance I’ll receive at this address in Edmonton. What to do with them, that is the question? Found objects can take on a huge significance, like these stones which were picked up on a long distance coast to coast walk in Northern England last year. A significant walk I understand and now with one trail companion recently dead.

There has been a pine cone, which looks like a hedgehog, moving around the priory. Somebody brought it here and here it has lived, on top of the fridge, on the window ledge, in my pocket and now it’s moved in with the pencils and pens. How those hedgehogs get around!

A member brought a shell back from Vancouver Island, it’s sitting in the hands of Kanzeon; she who hears the crys of the world. Will it travel with Kanzeon to the groups next location, day after tomorrow? Or will it come with me to British Columbia along with the pebbles, and the hedgehog?

I’m packing, packing, packing.
With no time for blogging.

Slow moving objects trying to find their next place of rest.
One monk, one pair of hands and many more things to attend to.

I love the pebbles, there’re coming with me on retreat, they can remind me how to sit still. They are reminding me already. Thank you, I will do the right thing by them.

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4 thoughts on “Trail Companions”

  1. Thank you, I’m glad they arrived safely. It sounds like they’ll be in good company with your hedgehog!

    All the best for your onward journey, and all the packing that preceeds it…

    In Gassho,

  2. Moving reminds you of so many small things, some tangible, some not, that are part of your life. Some it may be good to discard, but always gently and with gratitude – they were good friends. Others continue the journey.

    Courtesy of SingNet (and eventually reading the instructions ;-) I am reconnected, and enjoying a rare early morning cooling breeze through the open windows.

    My best wishes for your retreat.

  3. You’re moving on. As we once said some years ago when you were in Lancaster, we are all temporary residents. I like found objects too. How loudly they speak with their silence!
    All the best to you in Vancouver.

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