Trees Are?

….as lace tracing intricate patterns across the sky. Trees rooted and flying, simultaneously. As are we.

….relational. Generational. Alive and decaying, simultaneously. As are we.

Ah the wonders to behold, our friends yet to sprout into greens and fruits. Holding Great Potential in their tracery. As do we.

Dear Readers,
Yes, it has been a long age since I sat before my laptop and so easily uploaded photographs, formatted them and now about to publish. I’ve been using a phone and tablet these past…could it be true? Nine months! The call has been getting louder to return to posting on Jade so here I am, answering. I have been active as Hounmugo on Facebook since May. Not at all sure how long that will last though.
Bows, Mugo

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6 thoughts on “Trees Are?”

  1. I was thinking of you just half an hour ago, and then I came to my laptop and saw your post. I’ve missed your posts. I hope you are well.

    1. Dear Sue, Isn’t it amazing how that happens. I’ve missed posting. These last months away in North America have been quite stressful one way and another. Good too. Just demanding of my energies. Now back in Cumbria with a much welcomed breathing space I can resume posting. Having my laptop really helps. I’m well thanks.

  2. Wonderful to see your beautiful tree photography. Is it Cumbria?
    Im happy you are on Jade Mountain again, thank you so much though for responding to all the email requests for merit over the last few months.
    The OBC recent talks/teachings are so wonderful to turn to as well. I’m lucky to have a tiny and beautiful sangha down here in Cornwall.
    The birds are singing away now and it has gone 8pm and still not dark in Cornwall.
    Look out for the full blue moon tonight.
    Sending Love and gratitude for Jade Mountains. Nic

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