True Grit

For those who appreciate black and white documentary photographs here are images of some who survived the Dust Bowl disaster taken around the time of the great depression in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Most of the photographs were never published by Life Magazine. One can only imagine the determination and privations of those who stayed on their land rather than head out to the West Coast as many did, looking for a better life.

I was writing to somebody this morning, seems like three days ago now, mentioning his parents who are getting up there in age. One already 90 and the other close behind. In my mind’s eye I picture their faces and their hands, testament to time. We could do with more pictures of faces that map years of life and hands that have lifted and carried.There is something about the photographs of the families caught in the devastated conditions of rural life in the mid west in the 1930/40’s which prompts a response of awe, almost. I see grit, true grit, in the faces and hands of many sangha friends I know. They are to be admired and hopefully appreciated. There is a depth of wisdom born of years.

Many thanks to Michael in Canada for sending me the link to the photographs more than a month ago now.

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