An Unconventional Adventure

We all travel within conventions of one kind and another and they are, I’d say, essential for basic harmony. There are ceremonial conventions and forms that I follow when performing say weddings, memorials, baby namings, funerals. They are all written down and compiled into a thick book.

We are taught the meaning behind the forms too, the spiritual meaning. Each of us appreciates and conveys meaning in quite individual ways, everybody does that. The ceremonial forms point to, point out, the fundamental teachings of our tradition. So when an opportunity came to officiate at the cremation of my elderly friend at the start of the week I was gladly able to be flexible with the form of such a ceremony. It did feel unconventional and it was an adventure! Perhaps that’s how it is when one steps out of being bound by conventions. While being guided by them as a frame work one can expand and respond to the particular circumstance to convey the essential matter in accessible ways.

Well that’s life really. An unconventional adventure? We know the forms of our world and immediate community and then we venture to be fluid with how we are within them. The whole day was a most enjoyable time. That’s being with and meeting people from my teens as well as meeting their teen and twenty/thirty somethings off spring. Now THAT was a treat. A new bright eyed generation. They are an inspiration.

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