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Today I wrote the following in an email to a sangha friend. She is readying herself to part with her dearly beloved cat companion. Life circumstances have configured in such a way that having the cat adopted is the only real option. They have been together for many years and the parting, like any parting, is heart wrenching.

Hang in there re the cat adoption. If you would like to write about the whole business please do. I ask that because I’m starting to publish material from readers. You have a way with words and letting go of a cat for adoption, or animal of any species for any reason, is a major life event. I still think of my pony who had to go and live at a riding stable when I left home. And I wonder if he is alive or not, probably not. I wonder where is he buried and how did he die, I’ll never know? I still don’t like to think of him as dead even now. As a matter of fact I had a dream about a gray pony last night and we were having a fine old time getting to know each other. My pony was gray.
I guess our animal friends never leave us and yet all relationships must end, sooner or later.

In gassho,

The email has been slightly edited and additions have been made.
For those who adopt, are adopted or will adopt in the future. Animal or human.

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