Uplift Sign

The sign seen outside of a cafe close to Crescent Beach where we walked yesterday. Bald Eagles, squeaking from coastal trees, fringing the stony beach.

Can’t judge a creature by it’s voice and that’s for sure! Nor with human voice either. For sure.

Vancouver Island today.

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2 thoughts on “Uplift Sign”

  1. I like that imagery of bald eagles calling out across the beach. Words painting pictures.

    The Nelson Mandela quote chalked on a blackboard is not the cry of a bald eagle but there is a connectedness there.


    1. Thanks Norman. Glad you appreciated the ‘word painting’ I wondered if it read OK. Yes and the quote was kinda interesting. Interesting to see it on a blackboard outside a cafe. Not something one often sees. Had a vegi burger and chips sitting on a bench looking out to ‘sea’. Nice and so mild too. Vancouver Island wet this morning, and overcast. Thanks for being there still reading.

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