Video Of a Group Evening – dedicated to Reverend Master Saido

There is a tiny light resting on his chest in the form of a tree. He had this light beside him during a number of long sleepless nights.

I’m singing an offertory which I felt to be suitable on this particular occasion. I’ll post the words and music at some point.

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19 thoughts on “Video Of a Group Evening – dedicated to Reverend Master Saido”

  1. Thank you for this,Reverend Master.
    Reverend Saido was a gentle and also powerful presence for me.I am remembering him with great gratitude.
    I particularly feel grateful that I spent time with him in Leeds last summer.That now appears as a gift.
    Homage homage homage.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your dedication and ceremony for Reverend Master Saido. With many bows for his wonderful life and training.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this, Rev. Master Mugo. I remember, when seeing him for the first time, being deeply moved by his extraordinary kind and humble presence. With sadness and great gratitude and bows to him

  4. Thank you for sharing this Rev. Mugo. It will be further shared with Master Seck Lee Seng and others at Cheng Hoon Teng Temple in Malacca, where he is fondly remembered.

    With bows of gratitude for the life of a dear Good Friend and Teacher.

  5. Thanks very much for sending the recording Rev Mugo. Rev M. Saido was one of the first monks I made a ‘connection’ with in 1984 at Throssel and I will always remember and be grateful for how he helped me in the early days. I’m sure we will all have many memories about him and his gentle humour. His life was his teaching, no doubt.

    I have been contemplating death quite a lot recently and seeing your simple ceremony helps.

  6. Thank you for sharing this ceremony, respect and love shone out from the screen.
    I will remember Rev Master Saido with great affection and gratitude for his life of training and teaching.

  7. A sincere and moving tribute to a much missed colleague……the wheel turns and moves on….

  8. Thank you for sharing this Rev Mugo, it helped.
    Rev Saido was many things, kind, gentle, funny, wise but most of all, my friend. I can’t express my gratitude to this man, he helped me so much throughout my life.
    Thank you Reverend Saido, you are loved and missed.

  9. Feeling gratitude and love for Rev Maser Saido and all the monks and lay sangha.
    Thank you Rev M Mugo
    In gassho

  10. Thank you all for your great kindness in sharing this beautiful tribute to our beloved friend and teacher Rev Saido. We will never forget his kindness to us. Love SJ and Tom. x

  11. Thank you for sharing this, what a shock and such a sad loss. He was such a support to me during a difficult time before and during lockdown when I was new to the area. He introduced me to the dharma and set me on this wonderful path. Sending metta and thanks to you Rev Saido

  12. Thank you for sharing this offering to Rev Master Saido, a beautiful person, a genuine Holy Man. He was an important part of my journey, since early 1980’s. I will always remember him with fondness and respect.

  13. I am very sad to hear of the passing of Rev Master Saido, the news fills my eyes with tears. Many of the Senior monks at Throstle hole abbey have been in words an inexpressible support, pointing and lighting “the path of the Buddha and ancestors”.
    A great inspiration offering support in difficult times, pointing the way onward along the path in a practical humble and often humorous “down to earth manner”.
    Reverend Master Saido’s example was exemplary, as are all those who choose to maintain the Physical refuse and teachings at Throssel Hole Abbey, and more importantly maintaining the true refuge in their hearts!

    1. A true beacon of light in dark times and ready with humour always. A truly great monk. You can never be replaced. Homage.

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