Words do Fail Me….

Dear Jade Readers,
There is no easy or gentle way to let you know the following news. I flew from Germany at short notice on the 2nd March where you all have been travelling along with me. This move has meant I had to cancel travelling and seeing those I’d waited so long to visit. Covid put a crimp in seeing people.

It is with sadness I inform you that Rev. Saido has died. Here below is the message that went out to monastic members of the Order last evening.

This is to let you know that Rev. Saido, a much loved and deeply appreciated and respected member of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, and Prior of Telford Buddhist Priory, passed away at 10.20 am on Friday 3rd March 2023.

Reverend Master Saido’s illness of pancreatic cancer progressed swiftly during his last few weeks, and he died after a one-night stay in The Princess Royal Hospital, Telford.

Reverend Kanshin was able to support and meditate with Reverend Master Saido during the night and John Bamford was able to also be at his side in the morning.

Many thanks are offered to all those who helped or sent greetings and thoughts of love, gratitude and support, and in particular Karen Richards and John Bamford and the members of the Telford Priory.

Reverend Master Saido who had made such a generous offering of his life and training for the good of so many, was clearly grateful for all the messages and prayers even though unable to answer each individual as he would have wished.

Further information regarding the vigil, funeral service, cremation and memorial services, will be made available by Reverend Master Mugo and others as soon as arrangements have been made.

With Bows and kind regards to all,

(Composed by Rev. Master Mokugen)

We held a vigil last evening at the Priory which coincided with a ‘group evening’. Rev. Saidō, in a coffin, was on the bowing mat in front of the altar surrounded by lit candles as is the custom. Several people were here in person, and a number of others join via Zoom. This morning, the undertakers came to transport Rev. Saidō to the chapel of rest until we can arrange a date for the Cremation Ceremony, which will be held in Telford. I’ll let you know when that will be as soon as we have arranged it.

I’ll upload a video of the dedication at the start of our evening with Rev. Saidō. Although I say it is a vigil we were actually following the schedule for a regular group evening.

You will see Rev. Master Saidō in his coffin on the bowing seat, before the altar. I will write again in more detail, perhaps tomorrow. Enough to say he had the diagnosis as recently as 15th February.

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7 thoughts on “Words do Fail Me….”

  1. Very sad News. I didn’t know him well but enjoyed the twinkle in his approach to life. My thoughts are with you all. Candle is alight.

  2. I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Rev. Master Saido. He helped me through two very difficult quandaries with compassion and skill. An exceptional monk and human being, he made this world a better place.

    RIP Reverend Master Saido

  3. I am very sad to learn of this. I always found Saido’s lectures very affecting in an enlightening way when I received them on cassette, through the post in the 1990s. He was always ready with a chuckle and the right words; good words.
    I didn’t meet the man but he was still present to me and I pray ‘passing on’ is the blessing it is designed to be. To Be!

    Q. Did you mean March 15 2022 or did you mean to say February? I have read that Pancreatic Cancer takes its course very quickly and is difficult to diagnose correctly?

  4. Thank you Rev. Mugo. Deeply saddened to hear of Rev. Saido’s death. We are doing a short memorial ceremony for him at the Cirencester group tomorrow evening, as Rev. Olwen is joining us.
    Rev. Saido offered much encouragement and good advice when the Cirencester group began, 15 years ago. I recall him so well at Throssel, before he went to Telford. I know he will be greatly missed.
    In gassho, Allie

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