The View

The view from here to over there, towards Scotland.

Much activity this week in preparation for a lot of visitors coming to the monastery, some monastic brothers and sisters will be coming as well as a whole host of lay practitioners. People have started to arrive already.

Relatives and friends coming to visit. Memories of my parents and relatives coming here, of my aunt standing in the middle of the ceremony hall and announcing in a loud plumby voice, “I do like a BIG room”. Perhaps she was remembering the large houses she had lived in as a ‘gal’ and had aspired to return to for most of her life, but never did. That large room will be filled on Sunday to celebrate the tenth anniversary memorial for my Master, Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett.
I was always anxious around my parents visiting, even as early as school sports days at primary school. “PLEASE don’t come”. Now I hear children actually want there parents to come to such events! Here is a chap talking about the parental visit you hardly ever imagine will happen, but does.

Anyway, we are in full preparation mode and once again I find myself with days filled with activity. The kesa now made, onwards to formatting photograph for a notice board. I’ll blog again when time permits.

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4 thoughts on “The View”

  1. I hope everything goes well with the visitors. I am sure there will be no incidents like the ones I described – Carrshield is a lot more peaceful than Wandsworth!

  2. Have a wonderful Memorial and a grand gathering of Sangha. While her casket was empty, her presence radiates. I particularly become aware of Reverend Master when I see acts of simple kindness.

    In Gassho, Jim

  3. jonny, how nice that you came over to visit. I’m told that I was Guest Master when you came here many moons ago. That would be the very early 1990’s.

    And Jim! how nice of you to come over to visit as well. All is well here and as I write this I’m gearing up for a posting. Or I might just go to bed instead.

  4. Dharmavidya, Sujatin and Sally from Amida-shu will be with you this sunday for the service. I hope you have a wonderful remembrance and celebration.

    Namo Amida Bu

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