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How I love maps! And how interested I am to follow the progress of a handful of climbers in Colarado. One of those hardy persons is the brain behind keeping Jade Mountains healthy and functioning. Call it enlightened self interest, I’d just like to see them all up the mountains they intend to climb this week end, and then safely back down again.

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One thought on “Viewed From Above”

  1. How fun to just check your blog after getting back from visiting my family and friends in Colorado! I’m a Colorado native and even though I just celebrated my 10th anniversary of living in Germany…I still have one of my roots in the Rocky Mountains. I don’t know if you heard, but last Friday the 17th it snowed a meter in the mountains and about 20 inches in Denver. We were at my parent’s in Lake Havasu, Arizona and had to drive to Las Vegas…about a three hour drive and then fly to Denver…our flight was cancelled and we had to spend the night in Las Vegas. The next day we flew into Denver in the evening and the snow was almost already gone. A very continental climate! All this past week before we flew home on Thursday evening, it was sunny and very warm. I know this weekend should be cooler and a bit rainy…I hope those who are hiking fare well. Took lots of great pics of the mountains and desert. Good to be back in Frankfurt and reading your blog.

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