Walk For The Wild Side

The mind is an amazing space
An amazing place
wanting to know

She asked,
Why do I
have to
wake up?

No answer to that.

Once again visiting my elderly sangha friend this morning. Soon we were laughing together, moving from questions which have no satisfactory answers to whether or not her Polar Bear (soft toy) has fleas! No your bear does not have fleas! Good grief woman, are you losing your MIND! Even those with dementia can enjoy a laugh. When the joke is kind of heart. We parted having sung a scripture together, she with her arms encircling the bear only waking long enough to say good-by and tell me she loves me.

The tee-shirt? Given away free at the start of the Cross Bay (Morecambe Bay that is) sponsored walk yesterday. High light included wading across the River Kent which was knee-high and running a reasonable current. All merit goes to Dave C’s dad who recently passed. I believe his mind was an ‘interesting’ space towards the end.

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7 thoughts on “Walk For The Wild Side”

  1. That’s a good question. “Why do I have to wake up? ”
    To remind me I’m still alive? Even that answer is a question.
    Well done on the cross-Bay walk. That’s something I haven’t done. Yet.

  2. What a sweet story about polar bear fleas. If need be, I happen to know there is a terrific cure for that — a wee bit of talcum powder wipes the fleas right out and they never return!

  3. The walk sounded wonderful (& adventurous!) and the t-shirt is awesome! Wish I could have joined you. 😊

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