Of Walking In Ice

Unimaginable stellar catastrophes take place, entire worlds collapse into a single point. Light can no longer escape, even the profoundest blackness would seem like light and the silence would seem like thunder. The universe is filled with Nothing, it is the Yawning Black Void. Systems of Milky Ways have condensed into Un-stars. Utter blissfulness is spreading, and out of utter blissfulness now springs the Absurdity.

Thanks to Dan for pointing me to his posting about Werner Herzog and the long walk he (Herzog) took from Germany to France to, we would say, transfer merit for a friend who was dying at the time. See article about Herzog’s account of his walk, Of Walking In Ice.

These film people references are leading me ever deeper into my continuing, rather inept, attempts at video. Trogs ‘dad’ is emailing me a serialised version of his lecture on How to Conduct an Interview. And,on filming, from one who does it: The only rule really is to pick up the camera and try it out yourself. That would be Herzogs advice, along with taking a long and arduous walk…and writing about it. But I’m just on Pilgrimage, with a camera.

Thanks for the encouragement chaps.

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