Walking Striding Edge – Video June 2017

It’s three years since this video was taken as I walked along the ridge leading up to Helvellyn called Striding Edge. While watching this there might be a few nail-biting moments however in real life, as far as I recall it wasn’t THAT challenging.  Sharp Edge is more challenging by far.

In the Lake District and elsewhere, there are a few walks/climbs/scrambles that have what is termed a ‘bad step’. Striding Edge has one and yes, it was ‘bad’ in that on the downclimb it’s difficult to find the next foothold. With those important three points of contact on the rock the unsupported limb looks for a foot hold. Eventually, that foothold found me and I lived to tell the tale.

Enjoy if you dare! Partway through the walk, I hear myself saying, ‘it’s all about thinking, isn’t it’. I’d call that ‘attentiveness’ and a subject I’d like to explore in another post. It’s a quality of mind/body that is particular. In daily life ones attention can wander with little consequence, when walking the Fells there can be serious consequences to inattention. Death!

This post is for Kasia. Hope you enjoy the views.

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8 thoughts on “Walking Striding Edge – Video June 2017”

  1. Fantastic to see this again.
    When my twins were 5 years old we stayed at a youth hostel with a large group of Probation Officers and their families (yes, I was PO once!). We did various walks, one of which was Sharp Edge. We buddied up, one adult and one child. I remember that both me and my twin did quite a bit of whimpering on the way back down. We definitely paid attention…..

    1. Am I reading right Adrienne, you took your twins over SHARP EDGE? I remember you saying how you had robed up with your twins up on the fells and I was rather impressed that you did that. Which ever edge it was I’m still impressed. One of those adventures they will never forget and at 5 years old not risk-averse, as they would be now.

      1. Yep, it was Sharp Edge, poor things!! I actually had little idea how hair raising such a walk (climb) would be. If I’d known I probably wouldn’t have done it.

  2. Thank you for that.Brought back memories of many happy visits to The Lakes.Looks like perfect weather conditions.What can make Striding Edge extremely dangerous is wet rock and/or strong winds,especially sudden gusts. However it still does demand mindfulness in any conditions.Well done.

    1. Thanks Ian, the conditions were perfect that day. Rather hot but apart from that I could not have wished for a better day.

  3. Wow… Thank you Mugo for sharing your experience and adventure. Yes I love a view and Lake District. It is so magical place which always leaves me with inside peace and harmony. This as well reminds me how beautiful our planet is and how many places has and one life definitely is to short to see them all…
    Thank you :) love it.

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