Walking The Shortest Day

Ah! An hour long walk by the Leeds Liverpool Canal before breakfast and then a Leeds Meditation group meeting. Lunch followed.

At the other end of this short daylight day, a drive to Preston before the light faded to gloom. A good day. Goodnight.

In faith, tomorrow will dawn.

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5 thoughts on “Walking The Shortest Day”

  1. The family & I enjoyed some time in nature on the shortest day of the year as well! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and serene 2020! ❤️

  2. Dear Rev Mugo
    Thank you for your beautiful posts about the light, Solstice & the letter your late father wrote to you about the importance of the Solstice.
    Gratitude for the practice & sangha and the illumination it provides at all times, but particuarly at this time of year.
    Sending love to you from Cornwall
    Nic Yaffey

  3. so pleased that you “blogging again Reverend Mugo – it’s a place that is often recommended when asked about the teachings .

    it was a joy to be out walking together in the early morning dark ( with Hi Vis jackets on and a warm heart!)

    smiles of gratitude

    1. early morning dark
      with Hi-Vis jackets
      on a warm heart

      is that a poem or what? Thanks, Treasa for leaving this comment. A happy memory of walk with you the other morning.

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