Watch Where You’re Putting Your Feet – Video

A Life Reminder for Troubled Times from Mugo on Vimeo.

Advice for hill walkers: Watch where you’re putting your feet. Alfred Wainwright. And good advice for everybody else who might be feeling a bit unsteady given the interesting times we are going through in Britain and Europe, and the rest of the world actually.

This video was recorded while walking in the North Eastern part of the Lake District. I refer to some advice Alfred Wainwright would repeat regularly, “Watch where you’re putting your feet”! Good for the fells and good for the rest of one’s life. Oh and I also mention Blencathra also known as Saddleback. Sharp Edge forms a section of the walk to the top. It looks sharp and it certainly looks like an edge! To my eyes rather daunting however my walking advisor says I could do it given what we did on our Great Gable ‘adventure’. I’m almost ready to write about that jaunt.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Where You’re Putting Your Feet – Video”

  1. As I watched your video I noticed myself smiling at you (you, not just the video of you). In that moment you were right here. Still are!

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