Watching Paint Dry – Watching Beached Seals

Wait a moment! That light house is for sale. Nope, that was back in 2013. Sorry. I’d imagine living in a light house is as close as one can get to living on a boat – at sea.

Light House South Walney Island, Lancashire.

Ah. On Wednesday a brisk walk out to South Walney Island where there is a Nature Reserve – lots of birds and some seals. There was a brisk wind and sand dunes underfoot, eyes pealed for seals. And the seals had their eyes on us, bobbing up and down in the water sailing along keeping pace as we walked towards the light house. This is as wild as you can get, and remote too, hanging on the edge of Morecombe Bay. I’d an idea to go and look at the seals pulled up onto the beach however at high tide they waft and play in the water, which was entertaining. Their ease of movement is pleasing to watch. Then this morning I found there is a live webcam trained on the seals and there they are pulled up on the beach. Bit like watching paint dry! Not much action however lovely to see them.

I’d driven to Walney Island to visit a long time sangha member and it was so good to see her and to walk out in the wind. We paused by the sea to remember her mother who loved the area. Lots of photographs and information can be found in this post on Tammy’s Tour Guide. I’ll be back for a look around the site for more wild places to visit.

Thanks to Betty for your company. Always good to connect.

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3 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry – Watching Beached Seals”

  1. I recently stopped Facebook, and suddenly have this “empty” time/space in front of me when I sit down at the computer. I’ve had a newsfeed on Feedly for a number of years and usually I would check it once or twice/month and for not long, as FB took so much time. Well, suddenly I am now revisiting some of my much-loved bloggers and you are one of them, and when I read your post today, I saw it as one of the signposts drawing me back to what is important for my spiritual growth … nature, wildness, real connection with people, growth in compassion, the dharma …

    I’m dealing with growing older and as I’m retired, more and more I have found myself wasting time on empty entertainments. I do keep striving in the direction towards meditation and the dharma, but it wasn’t being supported by these other time wasters, like FB, playing games, etc. So I feel very inspired by encountering you again here today! I will be back and look forward to hearing more of your wisdom, dear Teacher.

  2. Dear Julie,
    I was bowled over by your comment. Glad you have made it back here and I hope what you find now will be supportive. Thank you so much for taking the time to express yourself here in the comment section.

    Sometimes doing a bit of time wasting isn’t such a bad thing if it leads one back.

    1. I’m grateful for hearing back from you, Mugo – your response provides me with confirmation of my intent in trying to fill my time in a healthy way … and ultimately I’d like to become just more present with what is happening in my life.

      You are right … doing a bit of the time wasting in a conscious way is not such a negative thing; the challenge is in recognizing when it hooks me again … but I guess then I must just recognize it and proceed with the living!

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