Water and Sky Meet

Sky and Water Meet in the Adaman Sea
Photograph by Bradley Brechin

There is a blessing verse we use which starts: We live in the world as if in the sky. I was told once that it would be more accurate to say. We live in the world AND in the sky. This photograph speaks of the coming together of earth and sky (Absolute and Relative Truth), or in this case water and sky.

This photograph is published with permission and is part of a Flickr set.

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3 thoughts on “Water and Sky Meet”

  1. Beautiful photograph!
    A Chinese friend of mine told me that the character for ‘Heart’ was based on that kind of boat, I don’t know how accurate this is…but i like the idea.
    It was great to meet you again (briefly) at Rev Master Jiyu’s festival. I tried to leave a comment before but it got lost in the ether! – Oh well!
    best wishes,

  2. Thanks Miles, nice to see you back in the comments section. Yes and it was good to meet you the other week. See you next time you’re here.

    I’d not heard about the boat shape coming directly from an actual boat. The OBC logo, the ship and three drums, is the symbol for Shin, heart mind. And there you see the ship (boat), how interesting. The ship and three drums symbol goes way back, to China, and when you see ancient ones they do indeed look like the boat in the photo. I believe there will be an article in the next OBC Journal on the history and meaning of this symbol.

    All this further convinces me that I want to ask permission to print and use this picture a bit more.

  3. For this last eight weeks I have looked at the Mediterranean and how the boundary twixt sea and sky is so blurred. The boat upon the placid water; so evocative.
    I fly back to the UK tomorrow. Its been nice while it lasted.

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