We are Emotional Beings – That Think! In that order……

It wasn’t so simple to describe this talk ‘in a nut shell’. There are a whole trees worth of ‘nut shells’ exploring the knowledge we didn’t know we knew, which are embedded in our emotional responses to conditions. That’s insights into deep truths as well as wise responses to danger and threat. There are personal examples illustrating the points.

Note: This talk refers to another one given during the same online retreat by Rev. Saidō of Telford Buddhist Priory, titled Do Good for others and the story of the Bamboo Acrobat, which can be found via this link.

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One thought on “We are Emotional Beings – That Think! In that order……”

  1. This was an excellent talk, Rev. Mugo. I have long felt that my emotions precede my thoughts and not the other way around. It is good to understand why and how this works, physiologically speaking. It gives new insight. Thank you _/\_

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