Well Being – Video Talk by Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness. What a wonderful talk, full of charm and profundity. Also a huge number of comments worth reading are tumbling down the page after the video window.

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4 thoughts on “Well Being – Video Talk by Matthieu Ricard”

  1. This clip really is a delight to watch. Many thanks for sharing it. Much food for reflection and I have passed it on to several others. Mostly I think it’s not so very much what he says, but how he IS that teaches… as always of course.

  2. At first I questioned myself wondering if I had just been totally charmed by this monks accent. However, as you found for yourself, it is how he IS that is so inspiring.

  3. Now I am almost breaking into song. And the song is one you would remember – by Ken Dod.

    It would be a bit tiresome if happiness ruled supreme wouldn’t it.

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