What Caused This Radiance?

Vairochana Buddha on Lotus Throne
Vairochana Buddha on Lotus Throne

The above image is from this source with gratitude.

At that moment the Bodhisattva known as the Lord whose Light Blossoms Forth to Penetrate the Deepest and Most Subtle Truths, having emerged from his samadhi in the great and splendours light, arose from within the assembly and, through the spiritual powers of the Buddha, poured forth a radiance in the form of a while cloud, brilliant as a diamond, in order to illumine all those worlds. The whole multitude of Bodhisattvas came and gathered within it to ask, in different ways but with the same intention, what caused this radiance. Shakyamuni Buddha then respectfully welcomed all this great multitude from these worlds within the lotus pedestal and led them back to the palace that glistened with millions upon millions of purple-hued diamond lights. There they beheld Vairochana Buddha seated upon His lotus pedestal which glittered brightly with thousands upon millions of lotus flowers.

After Shakyamuni Buddha and the whole assembly had simultaneously prostrated themselves in homage at the feet of Vairochana Buddha, Shakyamuni asked, “How can all sentient beings of earth and sky within those universes attain the path of the Ten Stages of Bodhisattva? What signs do Bodhisattvas display when they are about to realize the fruition of Buddhahood? Amongst the multiplicity of aspects that have their origin in the absolute Buddha Nature, pray explain in detail what the seeds of the Bodhisattvas are.”
From the The Scripture of Brahma’s Net, Buddhist Writings, Shasta Abbey Press.

This is a long and detailed scripture and this post and the previous one give a flavour of what is to come. From time to time I’ll return to it.

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