When All Seems Lost

Here is some home grown advice from an old (ice) hockey coach who when asked what to do when the game seems lost and you don’t know what to do, he said “Keep your feet moving”.

As we approach the new year and when the world seems so full of downward news perhaps remembering that while the game seems lost we can at least simply keep moving. And perhaps also to remember, and live out, deeper truths in our everyday lives.

Thanks to my Canadian contact for this quote.

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7 thoughts on “When All Seems Lost”

  1. I bet that source also said, “and keep your stick on the ice”

    Personally, I don’t think this is a game that EVER ends.

    From another nearly as old hockey coach ;)


  2. So you most likely guessed who my Canadian contact is. My time in Edmonton gave me a insight into the passion which is Hockey. Back yard rinks and hockey dads. And the madness which was the Edmonton Oilers in year 2005/06.

  3. How good to see a comment left by you. And I am glad the piece of advice found a good home. It certainly found one with me….

  4. On my trips to Canada, I’d go down to the hotel bar after arriving, and always there would be a hockey match on TV, usually punctuated with a punch-up. I guess they are passionate about the sport! Canada remains one of my good memories – excellent science and wonderful people. Even in Singapore, good fun: a boat rowed by a collection of ex-pat Canadian Santa’s rowed up to Brewerkz on Christmas Day, sang some carols, drank a beer, and rowed off. It was 30 deg C.

  5. Thank you Rev. Mugo! Its nice to re-connect as well. I have had an interesting year, and its not over. I believe its been all about positioning myself in accord with everything that IS moving around me! Yes, keep moving…such a good and simple statement. And the hardest part has been to stay still whilst all keeps moving. This has been my ‘movement.’ The process is not easy and I am still learning. That also is my ‘movement.’ Going on, going on, always going on beyond. I always strive to remember that. That’s the best I can do for the time being.

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