When Creativity Really Matters

I Feel Out of Control by Sara

George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis. A police officer knelt on his neck until he died. George Floyd was black. The police officer is white. People are marching to demand that it does not happen again. They are marching against police cruelty, and against racism. I feel out of control: I’m so angry and sad. When I feel like this I like to draw pictures. I find that it helps me to feel better. But today- today was different.

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Hear the full text read by David Tennant
or read the text 500 Words, Black Lives Matter.

This was written by a nine-year-old girl living in the North East of England. Sara is, I think although it’s not clear, a finalist for the writing competition, 500 Words, Black Lives Matter.

Well done Sara and congratulations for getting this far. You should be rightfully proud to have voiced your experience so eloquently. Keep on writing, no matter what. Mugo

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2 thoughts on “When Creativity Really Matters”

  1. If Sara can write like that now, imagine what she’ll be writing in ten years time! Go, Sara!

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