When The Lights Went On in Washington.

I happened upon the Oprah Winfrey Show this evening while taking a moment to relax and found myself gladdened to encounter a highly creative performance of a poem entitled An Amazing Peace. It’s author, Dr. Maya Angelou, was joined by Oprah and a choir, not your ordinary poetry reading however I don’t remember ever seeing one before anyway.

Maya Angelou said “I wrote about what is in everybody’s hearts”, she spoke to mine. The poem is a call to peace with arms wide open, heart extended far beyond the boundaries of religious affiliations. Beyond affiliations of any kind, she was after all pointing to a ‘heart’ at rest. Dr. Maya Angelou, you are quite a lady. Thanks.

Today a good friend of the Prioy came for tea and most generously brought a Gift Card for “Chapters”. That’s the oft mentioned book shop on Whyte Avenue that I visit from time to time. Now, armed with this card I can allow myself to wander the shelves with intent to purchase. Maya Angelou’s poem has just been published, I’ll certainly pick it up and take a look if I see it.

If you follow the link you will understand the title of this blogger.

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