When Making And Taking A Phone Call

When I am about to make a phone call I pause. Sometimes I dial and sometimes I don’t. I don’t because I get the decided sense that now is not the time or the urgency of the call simply passes. What ever the prompt I follow it, for the most part. At other times I’ll find myself drawn as if by a magnet to phone somebody. Unplanned and with no apparent reason, I phone them. Quite often I’ll catch the person I’m calling at a really good time, which is always gratifying. Or perhaps that person was about to phone me! This method is not universally applicable nor 100% reliable.

So communicating by phone, even just the matter of to dial or not to dial is something of an art and a matter of divining if it is good to do. Calling for train times and other utilitarian reasons for using the phone is obviously straight forward. Or so one might think.

In hospitals for example there are many high value calls. Utilitarian ones. This is nurse X, patient B has moved to ward 67. Impacted Nurse, in his blog post Phone etiquette for medical staff there is advice on making and taking calls in hospitals. The basic etiquette can be applied anywhere.

I am proud to see that Ian of Impacted Nurse still lists Jade Mountains, under Non Medical.

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2 thoughts on “When Making And Taking A Phone Call”

  1. Thanks for the link to impactednurse.com. What a great site and such moving stories. My father died 8 years ago this week, in a nursing home. The story of the 98 year old woman who was moved to the hospital in her dying moments, against her wishes, made me remember how lucky my dad was to have my mother by his side holding his hand as he slipped away. These stories are great teaching.


  2. Thanks for this story about your father – it’s so good to hear success stories like yours and the one Ian tells on Impacted Nurse. Glad you like Impacted Nurse. I’ve been visiting there since around 2006 and there always seems to be something there for me even if I don’t always link to it. There is generally something there which I can laugh with, and sometimes laugh till the tears start to run!

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