When Mountains are (Not) Mountains


…In this place of being, mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers. This is the place in which mountains flow and rivers are as diamond, the place where the life of the river is the mountain, and the expression of the mountain is the river, the place the scriptures describe when they say that the wooden figure sings and the stone maiden dances.
By Rev. Master Daizui McPhillamy, Former Head of The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.

From an article titled When Mountains are Mountains

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3 thoughts on “When Mountains are (Not) Mountains”

  1. Expecting to travel through mountains and alongside a great river soon . . .what a perfect time for this post! The bell is ringing and I must go . . . .

  2. Dear Rev Mugo

    Many thanks for reminding me of one of my favourite pieces of Rev Master Daizui’s teaching.



  3. This image is a water colour painting by one of the monks. The original, upon which is was based, hangs in the study of a layman in West Sussex.

    The painting was on the original Jade Mountains web site. I thought it was about time it came out and showed itself again. Over the years I have attempted to use it, unfortunately the long vertical format doesn’t lend itself to many things. Perhaps a calendar…

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