When the light breaks through

In the first of a special series to mark the 4 Sundays of Advent, TV presenter and star of Inside The Factory, Cherry Healey embarks on a highly personal journey to explore her spiritual beliefs. 

Revisiting key sliding doors moments from her past and re-engaging with key figures who helped shape her life, she experiences moments of revelation and clarity as she questions how faith shaped the person she is today. 

Unflinching in her honesty, Cherry guides us through her life story, talking publicly for the first time about her unique take on spirituality, her relationship with God and her misgivings about the rules of organised religion. Part travelogue, part celebrity biography, the programme offers thought-provoking insights into what it means to have faith in the 21st century, and tells an inspiring faith story that will resonate with everyone in the build up to Christmas.

My Faith and Me, BBC One, Cherry Healey

There are 23 days left to watch this program and it comes recommended. Cherry had a ‘religious experience’ some time in her early life and had struggled to find a context, ‘where to I put this’ I think she said. Her ‘misgivings’ around organized religion are shared with many, me included. For years I thought I’d have to go to India and find ‘somewhere’ to live the ‘contemplative life’. Not that I really knew what that meant in practice.

Fortunately I found somewhere to put/practice what I discovered, unknowingly, in my early life. And that was/is? All things express/transmit the Truth. Simple really.

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