When Things Break

A posy for Annette

This is but a brief post to acknowledge the work done by Annette at the web hosting company where Jademountains lives. She toiled away for hours today to fix a problem with the site. Some of you might have noticed that the left hand side of the site had disappeared. Anyway it is heartening for me to know there is a friendly person who I can rely on to patiently get on and deal with problems.

Mean while, down at the station the platform serves as a handy table for lunch. A break from oiling, polishing and generally titivating this fine specimin of a steam engine. All ready to go to work tomorrow.


And it is not every day I get to sit on a bench, on a platform, in the sun, eating lunch and drinking tea. In fine company with a steam engine, gently belching and hissing!


I once asked Mike, pictured, why people get so worked up about steam engines and he said with (kindly) force, It is your heritage my dear! How quickly we forget.

Today I remembered, not only our age of steam heritage but also the late Iain Robinson who died almost a year ago. The railways were his passion.

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4 thoughts on “When Things Break”

  1. I’d noticed comments were off, but had not noticed the missing side-bar – so much for my powers of observation.

    The New York Times had a short article on how difficult it is to phone a tech company for help. Increasingly such companies do not have contact numbers as phone-help is deemed old-fashioned, inefficient and projects the wrong image. We’ve all experienced the frustration of being caught in an answering machine loop directing you round in circles until you give up in frustration. So, you were indeed fortunate, and all praise to your hosting company.

    I like the oil can in the picture! That’s the real thing. A fitting memory to Iain.

    in gassho

  2. Cilla Black, many years ago sang the song, “Always somethin’ there to remind me…. of you.”
    This post did just that. Remind me of Iain. He’s come into my thoughts once or twice lately.


  3. Yes like the oil cans too. I saw an old being used in a garage the other day and seeing it gave pleasure for some odd reason.

    And it is remarkable for me to be able to be on first name terms with hosting help. It is stressful enough when the site isn’t function correctly without having to go through phone trees and sifting through help sections. All praise to the company, based in Florida.

  4. Yes I remember singing along to that song. The Iain has and is in my thoughts especially now as we come up to the anniversary of his death on the 14th.

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