When Words Escape – and how to find them!


On mentally stumbling
wildly thrashing
for words.
Frustration! – fear approaching.

All seems lost.

Break the
cognitive impasse.
One! – say ONE (or three)
That’s a number.


Then on ones heals
Look out and name
something you can see
Chair! Window! Plant.


frozen cogs freed
all fired up
Words come.
Escape the lips.

Thank Goodness!

NOTE: The direction is to THINK the number and the name not speak it! Might be a bit strange otherwise!

For Judy who passed on this handy tip to help when you have something to say out loud but the actual words swim around or simply evaporate. Something I have a problem with from time to time. Mostly when I’m trying to ‘find’ words rather than allowing them to come.

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