Little Did I Know

Yes. Little did I know that what I thought was H2O was H2SO4! No. Not that tragic thankfully. However today I did enter the wrong postcode into a navigation application which had me in N12 and not N17!

Late for a meeting, in unfamiliar London, I walked and walked a road, up and back. Up and back. Little knowing or realizing I was far distant from my intended destination.

How often do we pace back and forth in our own minds? Seeking. Searching for an intended ‘destination’ only to eventually realized you’re in the wrong ‘place’ all together. We can use help in such circumstances. Sometimes somebody pointing out the way forward can save stress and heartache.

In my case this morning having paced for more than an hour, I called for a taxi. A very expensive taxi ride later I landed on target thanks to the calm compassionate driver. Thanks to all who help us on our way.

London Underground platform waiting room.

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2 thoughts on “Little Did I Know”

  1. Dear RM Mugo,
    Don’t feel so bad. Once when I was in charge of shipping for a manufacturing company, I mislabeled something. My mistake was not discovered until the next morning when an automobile-sized air freight container full of expensive and very delicate parts arrived, not at our plant in Japan where it should have gone, but at our plant in the Netherlands. It was years before they let me forget that mess-up.
    In gassho,
    Jade Coyote

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