Where the Lions Roam, And The Dragons Dwells

The highest mountains are the abode of the lions;
In the deepest waters the dragons dwell.

Quote on the Lions Gate Buddhist Priory website where there is a new booklet available for download.

I once mentioned to my Master that I’d spent some time sitting on top of a Tor on Dartmoor in the South West of England while over visiting my parents. She said quietly, You like high places don’t you Mugo. I smiled in recognition, although I couldn’t explain in words what the smile was about.

In the heights there is depth and in the depths there are dragons. In one of our scriptures, Dogen in Rules for Meditation writes: O sincere trainees, do not doubt the true dragon, do not spend so much time in rubbing only a part of the elephant;…

This can be seen as a call to not dwell overly long anywhere, heights or depths. And especially not dwell in comfortable places!

Earlier in the afore mentioned scripture there is this, If you become thus utterly free you will be as the water wherein the dragon dwells or as the mountain whereon the tiger roams.

This is for John, in gratitude.

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4 thoughts on “Where the Lions Roam, And The Dragons Dwells”

  1. There’s something about being in the wild places, whether its a Dartmoor
    tor, the mountains, the sea, the desert or the forest. There just is that “something” that speaks out there which is absent, or at least hidden in the hurly-burly of the city.
    Hope that made sense.

  2. yes indeed, zen masters always seem to point you to the unknown and to go on (and I realise simulteanously again that I have to let go)

  3. If you are who I think you are, and even if you are not, I have to say that there is ONLY going on.

  4. Oh dear, I’m sorry Reverent Mugo I forgot to mention my name.
    and what a wonderfull reply!
    thank you!

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