Where We Are – Undivided

We live in the world
and we live in the sky.
Just as the Lotus is not wetted by the water that surrounds it
Pure and beyond the world is the mind of the trainee.
O Holy Buddha we take Refuge in Thee.
Words slightly adapted from a blessing verse.

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3 thoughts on “Where We Are – Undivided”

  1. Although the sun is out and the sky is blue, I’m confined to bed. So from the corridor of the building where I live these photos are the best I can do. Yep! I got the flu, or something like it. What a great opportunity to catch up on some religious reading.

  2. Nice views; hope you are well enough to enjoy them and the reading.
    I know what you mean about flu letting one catch up on reading; it sort of lets you ‘off the hook’. Take care.

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