Who Benefits?

Just sit down and write, don’t even think about an audience. See what comes. You are not trying to be of benefit to others. You write because…that’s just what you are doing. You do it for yourself really. To discover something within the tap, tap, tapping. To draw out, drag out, entice out, allow to uncurl out – what ever’s there. But what if there is nothing there? Trust. Make sitting down and writing what you do each day. Such has been my recent good advice and encouragement to contributors. And contributors to come. I seem so certain. Even sounding like I know what I’m talking about. And I do. I don’t necessarily practice what I say; I aspire to though.

There is something about making a long term commitment and doing ones best to keep on coming back, turning up, sitting down and following through. There seems to be a benefit. Who’s to say what that benefit is. Or who specifically benefits. And more importantly, just why are these questions asked at all?

That direction not to think of the audience might appear strange at first. However I find, when I let the pressure to post slip away (because that is there of course), that I’m often pleasantly surprised at just what slips out. A bit like catching oneself talking aloud, and finding it interesting! Talking to an audience and talking to oneself, in ones own head and on the page, does not use the same voice.

My days and weeks can take me away from here for far too long and I’m sorry about that. Returning is always a joy. Even if, when it comes to it, I’ve still little time to devote to the page. Thankyou for listening to me talking to myself – I do know you are out there. And who on earth talks to themselves thinking that somebody else would benefit! Bonkers.

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2 thoughts on “Who Benefits?”

  1. What is the Audience?
    This is the Question that has sprung forward!

    I use to think and feel and believe that it was the reflections, reactions and echos of those (people) around me, that really mattered. The ones who held the magic mirror, that I might glimpse the eternal.

    and the inclinations (shadows, patterns, beliefs ) can still linger about…

    Tho as these words come out, the living awareness is that the REAL audience has been here eternally……..watching, waiting, listening, and embracing, beyond a separate understanding, in each and everything and every where, from the smallest to the largest, in the darkest forever moments, to the clearest bright certainty!

    There is a fresh picked zucchini
    A sleeping black Cat
    and a pointless

    Filling all corners
    of this house of sticks
    and stones

    Thank you Rev Mugo
    for taking the time to talk to your self….
    where ever you are.

  2. Not much to say really…except to say thank you Roy and glad that you stop and read.

    There is more to writing than talking to oneself of course. However thinking of writing in that way shows up the contemplative/pondering level of giving expression as well as the personal/private nature of it. One takes a risk to make manifest ones thoughts.

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