Who Said That?

The lesson for today. Take care who and what you quote. Sometimes the consequences are neither here no there. At other times there can be serious, long term, consequences. This comes under the heading of Right Speach.

Somebody recently sent me this quote while pondering its origin. I am heartened to find sites that thoroughly investigate and answer such questions. As well as finding out who said what one can, for example, see what Bette Midler said, or didn’t say about shoes!

A poem
is never finished.
Only abandoned.

Attributed to Paul Valéry

See Quote Investigator for further (fascinating) reading.

And if you want to see what the Buddha is attributed as having said try Real Buddha Quotes. Here is one of them:

And what the Buddha didn’t say, try? Fake Buddha Quotes.

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2 thoughts on “Who Said That?”

  1. I think they should have such a site for Winnie the Pooh, too! Social media is full of memes attributing quotations to various characters and celebrities that are fake. I think poor old Winnie is as misquoted as the Buddha himself. Quite a dangerous practice, really.

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