On Whose Wings Do You Fly?

No bird soars too high
If it soars with it’s
Own wings.
William Blake

This is a more subtle task than one might at first imagine.

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2 thoughts on “On Whose Wings Do You Fly?”

  1. The lines from Blake…I wonder…yesterday during Chester’s funeral and all afternoon [and into the night] I sang two lines from our Processional from the Buddha’s Parinirvana…”Quickly seek your liberation… BE A LAMP UNTO YOURSELF…” I wonder…perhaps a heart atuned to the Dharma keeps a “bird from soaring too high…” certainly no space for self in that lamp-light…thanks for passing on the the Blake lines…

  2. Thanks Anna, great to see you yesterday. Glad you are able to get into this website and leave a message. And I’m now in touch with my web mentor so will ask him about the difficulty with loading the home page.
    Hope to see you at your home before I go and be prepared to be ‘interviewed’.

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