Wiser Nature

I’m not sure of the significance of the balloons tied to the wing mirror but the rest of the scene was all too obvious. ‘Press the button, push! push!, yes come on darling the button, press it’. But the infant, locked fast inside of the car played on, oblivious of the drama it was part of’. Presumably the toddler had been playing around pressing buttons on the dash and locked the car from the inside. ‘Push the button, PUSH IT!

I returned having completed shopping for lunch. The scene had not changed much. Although there were now windscreen shades to shield the child in the hot and airless car. It was still having a great time romping inside, secure in the knowledge that it’s parents were close by, waving. ‘Press the button’! ‘There’! Pointing. ‘There, THERE!

Soon the paramedic truck turned up. Looked like a fire truck. Four uniformed men, with no guns, stepped out. Surveying the scene one walked round the car checking to see if any of the doors were open! First go for the easy and obvious solution. As I drove away one of the men was consulting a manual, presumably to work out which slim jim to use with this model of car. The father looked worried yet resigned at the same time. I’d imagine it costs to have such a heavy duty call out. Four men and a fire truck sized truck all red with gleaming chrome.

One little family drama playing itself out under the public gaze. And left with the question, “How did that infant find itself alone in the car”. It could hardly have been left there on purpose, roaming free and unrestrained. And, “What kind of car security has a lock on the inside of the car”?

I wonder if we are not like the child, innocently playing while wiser discernment is trying to get our attention.

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