The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel – Dharma Talk

The image of the jewel is used in Mahayana Buddhism to illustrate different aspects of our relationship to the Truth. Rev. Berwyn explores some of these facets, showing how, through the practice of meditation, we can come to clarify and fulfil our true wish. We can come to realise that the jewel is found right where we are now, in the circumstances of our lives, and that we do not need to look outside of ourselves for the Truth. By accepting the Truth as it is right now, we can come to know that this is enough and that the treasure house is constantly opening before us.

Find this talk on the Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey site – here.

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One thought on “The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel – Dharma Talk”

  1. Thanks for that link Rev Mugo, and thanks to Rev. Berwyn for the talk. Another one I can see myself going to back to from time to time and seeing what unfurls.

    In gassho, Kevin

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