Tea Time To Celebrate

A test of my celebratory stamina!

A simple meeting to talk about our mutual interest in all matters to do with horses ended up as a memorial tea for the newly dead Olivia. A horse suffering from progressive arthritis in the hind quarters who finally was not able to rise from the ground through her own efforts. My acquaintance had done all she could to help Olivia to live out her life and had been helped to her feet by human strength a number of times. Then on a sunny day not so long ago, once again unable to get up, the decision was taken to euthanase her.

Not being able to raise from the ground under ones own efforts is desperate. Being alone, on the ground, with nobody within ear shot to help can be devastating. Once up the fear of falling again haunts such a person, unfortunately making it more likely that more falls will happen. You may know of such a person. I do. Several. Thinking about these people brings a whole level of basic appreciation for being able to stand on ones own two feet doesn’t it?

I guess I’m sitting here in wonderment at our ability to balance on our hind legs, and move about without falling over all the time! Something’s working well for us bipeds. Time to celebrate.

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2 thoughts on “Tea Time To Celebrate”

  1. Falling is often how my clients end up in my rehab hospital. They are lifted many times with the help of others over the following weeks and months. Many of them have painful stories of waiting for someone to find them.

    Thanks for this post Rev. Mugo.

  2. Thanks Michael for responding to this post. I’m not sure which continent you are on, as if that mattered, however it is good to hear from you and that there are people out there listening to the stories. Telling them, sometimes several times, can help. Or rather having them listened to helps.

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