Women In Japanese Zen – 1968 Article

Lone tree on limestone pavement

I was amazed to receive a link to a short article about women in Japanese Zen, circa 1968, in which Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett is quoted. She was a lone voice back then. Thank goodness she spoke out.

Thanks Julius for the link. How you found it is beyond me.

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2 thoughts on “Women In Japanese Zen – 1968 Article”

  1. Wasn’t she just amazing. I note that the writer of the article seemed to think she was a male & perhaps that’s why they printed what they did.

  2. That lone tree sums it up well. I never met Rev.Master Jiyu but have read her account in “Wild Goose” and heard her tapes. At the time she really was that “lone voice in the wilderness”.

    I for one am grateful for her teaching.


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