Yes, mopping the platform!

Seen at Nagoya station while waiting for the shinkansen (“bullet train”) this afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Yes, mopping the platform!”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo,

    This reminds me of Monday mornings (before the builders turn up) of trying to get some of the week’s accumulation of mud off the floor of Myrtle bank kitchen, lou and entrance hall. A dozen assorted builders and roughly the same number of monks can bring in a surprising amount of mud on a wet spring day. And despite the plastic sheeting, I never manage to get it looking anything like as clean as the chap in the photo.

    Ah well, just keep trying Alexander.

    Very glad the visit is going so well. Can we have a plea for more photos to go with the inspiring words.
    Happy visiting!

    PS What has happened to Adrienne? Her blog comes up blank. Does she need some encouragement?

  2. This photo reminds me of the poor cloister at Throssel. O how it suffered as I swept with venomous anger. I do hope this platform has had a gentler life

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