You Don’t NEED to do that!

Mable 3Hold still….oh well, never mind.
Maple 2Mable, swim THIS way…
Mable1MABLE! Cute enough for now. I guess.
On the way up to Loughriff Fell, there is a ‘pond’. Where Mable my walking companion of this week took a long dip.  Her name has been invoked very many times over the past  days. But the one that has made us laugh the most is Mable! You don’t need to do that now!

This post is for a lovely black cat of my acquaintance who was run over by a car a couple of weeks ago. I just found out this morning. Anybody who has ‘lost’ an animal friend and companion will understand how grief filled one becomes. Post is also for those friends (now traveling home to Nottingham), and their dog. Happy days walking in the fells. Wonderful. Mable made it especially happy. She is a happy dog.

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3 thoughts on “You Don’t NEED to do that!”

  1. Two weeks ago I had to rehome my little dog as my health problems, combined with living alone meant I could no longer care for him properly. He has gone the most wonderful family, I couldn’t have asked for better, and they contact me almost everyday about how he’s doing, but my heart is still breaking, He’d been with me 5 years since he was a puppy and had a lovely temperament, and my life seems so empty without him. Yes, Mugo, however one “loses” a pet there is still grief to be accepted and somehow got through.

    1. You know enough about the mind and practice to allow the grieving to take its right course. And I do appreciate the huge step you have taken to let this dog go. An act of generosity and compassion bar non. Well done!

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