Your Suggestions Please

Here is the text for the About section of Jade Mountains. As you can see I’m linking to a selection of postings. I’d appreciate your suggestions on what would be good to include.

Who? I’m a female disciple and Dharma Heir of the late Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett having been ordained by her at Shasta Abbey California in 1981 and named a Master in 2000. Since 1996 I’ve served as the international O.B.C. Lay Ministry Adviser. I started to write a blog in 2003 however it was only in April 2005, when I embarked on a Pilgrimage to East Asia, that I started writing regularly. Initially I just wanted to share the sights and sounds of my journey with fellow monastics and lay friends. And I guess that’s what I’m still doing…

Here’s a selection of postings to give you an overview of what I write about.

Why? Good question! In the end I think I continue to pump in text because this is a way I can pass on the teachings of Buddhism, given my set of monastic circumstances and responsibilities. There is a pull towards Compassion, that’s why.

What’s Offered? Apart from the blog, which tends to take center stage at present, there are links to basic teachings and scriptures we use within the O.B.C., some book recommendations, articles addressing themes in practice, Dharma Talks. This is work in progress, I’m limited by the amount of time I can devote to developing the site.

In Brief What you will find here is a medley of expression and to derive benefit from it, like a musical composition, there is a needs to listen with attention, within oneself. Somewhat poetic, yet true.

Just so you know, the views/ideas/teachings expressed here on this site do not necessarily represent those of the Order as a whole.

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7 thoughts on “Your Suggestions Please”

  1. I like it apart from the Why? part. Think it could be re-worded a bit.
    How about “I think this is a way I can pass on the teachings ——pull towards Compassion.” Just missing out the beginning & end bits.

  2. Thanks Angie, that’s just the sort of feedback I need. I’ll top and tail the Why? section as you suggest.

  3. May I suggest in the “Who” paragraph some reference to your ordination name. A brief mention may suggest to some readers the depth of teaching there, while others are free to glide over it without being poked in the eye.

    Also, if you are putting together a sampling of postings for newcomers, I would suggest a few things from your pilgrimage and a few things from the “less religious” postings. And always with your marvelous photos, please.

    I particularly receive a lot from your postings that reveal the process of your thoughts and feelings, of how you take things in and let things move through. Transparency encourages transparency (which sort of goes back to your ordained name, I suppose!)

    At any rate, those are my suggestions and my wishes for the continued unfolding of Jade Mountains.

    In gassho, Jim

  4. Jim. Your feedback is much appreciated. It really helps me to get a sense of what sort of postings work. Looking through old posting today I’m both shocked and amazed at how much material there is. And there is huge variety of themes and ‘moods’ as well.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll regret it all being up on the Internet.

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