Year of Stability, Harmony and Balance

Year of the OX ornament from Japan

Over the years I’ve been given a number of these Japanese style porcelain bells depicting the animal associated with the lunisolar calender. Year of the OX started on 26th January and the bell arrived on the 27th. Good timing. Receiving a package in the mail is always an unexpected pleasure, and sometimes receiving a present becomes a shared pleasure.

Pulling open the package in the yard with expectant faces gathered around. The package tinkles. What is it we wonder aloud. I already know what it is. The object nestles in tissue paper. It emerges gradually and we guess. It’s, it’s the year of the…camel? No. The year of the pig? No. Then one of the monks spotted the twirling horns. Yes! The year of the buffalo! Close.

Commemorative stamp issued by Canada Post for the Year of the OX

It’s also a special time for Canada Post, …This year, we honour the Year of the Ox: a time of stability, harmony and balance. The issue will be the first release in a new 12-year Lunar New Year series.

Thanks Canada Post, you are the jewel in the crown of stamp design worldwide.

See previous posting on the Year of the Pig.

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