House Keeping.

I have been told that this Blogger is taking a long time to open on a dial-up connection so I have changed some settings. I am sorry if this means that people are not able to read the whole blog from it’s start in early April. I am not able to find out right now how or if people will be able now to access the Archive. There is the title ‘Archive’ however it doesn’t seem to open anything. If Iain or anybody else can see a solution to this let me know. In the mean time I hope you continue to visit me here on line. I’ve set the Blogger to show posts from the previous 5 days.

Random Photographs for Your Interest.

I have not had much chance to be on a fast line to upload many photographs. This afternoon I selected a few and sent them onto the Blogger. They are in no particular order I am sorry to say as I was trying to get my business done at the cafe across the road from the temple and then be back in time for Medicine Meal.

Turtles at a cave temple in Ipoh.

The nuns in this photograph are disciples of an 86 year old nun who is the disciple of the old Master (85 years himself) who we were traveling with. We had lunch at their temple and the old nun just did not stop smiling and gazing and somehow ‘looking deeply’. Because this was very much a family visit it did not seem appropriate to take photographs. We had, after all, just stopped by for lunch while on the road.

Turtle feeding in Epoh, Malaysia.

This is for my dear Dharma Sister in America, Rev. Master Phoebe. I saw this sign in the mountains of Taiwan and not for the first time thought of her in her temple in southern California.

Mr. Ng, who helped me with Reflexology, preparing to leave the temple. (See latter posting.)